World Cities Panorama Wallpapers 5760×1200


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DVDBASH Panorama Desktop Wallpapers 3rd Edition : World Cities Enjoy 20 huge 5760×1200 panoramic widescreen wallpapers of Buenos Aires, Chicago, Frankfurt, Los Angeles, Melbourne, New York, Panama City, Paris, Portland, Porto, St. Louis and Tel Aviv ! Some pictures are so … Continue reading

More New-York Triple Screen Multi Monitor Wallpapers 5760×1200


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Second batch of DVDBASH‘s ultra-wide 5760×1200 desktop wallpapers (triple 24″ monitors in 1920×1200 pixels) : 30 new wallpapers of NYC skyline, Manhattan and the New-York state. These amazing panoramic New-York pictures come from RFC Graphics., such as in our previous 46 … Continue reading

New York Manhattan Triple screen Multi monitor Wallpapers 5760×1200


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You can quickly judge people by their (crappy) desktop wallpapers. Some years ago I became a multi-monitor display aficionado and decided to make my own triple screen wallpapers. These triple display desktop wallpapers were made for three 24″ monitors in … Continue reading

Downtown Express (Nellie McKay) New York Movie release Next friday April 20th, 2012


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Downtown Express (starring the great Nellie McKay) will be released at the Quad Cinema in New York next friday April 20th, 2012. Downtown Express tells a classic story of youthful rebellion, but tells it with a unique voice: through music. … Continue reading